Into the Blue

Lately I am posting a lot... :) I guess I am becoming more and more obsessed with fashion:) anyways ... here's another post... Yesterday a Bulgarian singer was a guest in a TV show and she looked really cool. I don't like her in particular but the way she was dressed was really artistic and beautiful. I love the blue top she was wearing. Looks really futuristic and feminine. And the color is gorgeous! in short I think it looks glamarous!!! What do you say? :)

I'll probably post something else tonight... or latest tomorrow... There are just so many things worth sharing!



E said…
Oh her top is so cool!!
libys11 said…
definitely a contemporary and architectural top!! great color and shape! :D

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Lisa Lisa Lisa said…
I like her top a lot. And she looks way better than the other woman; what was SHE thinking! She is too old for those clothes!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo
What a gorgeous girl!! I love that her makeup also matches her outfit!! xoxooxxo
IFB said…
That is a really great top!
Cara from IFB
Rebecca Lau said…
loving the shades
Farah said…
hey nice blog!

Couture Carrie said…
That blue top is very cool!!
Gorgeous post!

dotie said…
adore the top! but those pants are really unflattering..wish she would have paired it with something more well fitted :)

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Nathalie said…
That's a really interesting top. The blue is of a wonderful shade
michelle_ said…
i love the color of your top !
hope you've had a great weekend !
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Constance said…
The colour is gorgeous and its a really intersting design!
Love the blue top, so chiq!
Pop Champagne said…
the top is neat, she pulled it off very well!