Independent Designers project Capasca

Capasca is a Bulgarian clothing label I adore. They have a distinctive artistic and always fashionable but yet recognizable style. Whenever I go into one of their stores I feel bad I cannot afford to buy the whole line ;) A few days ago they released their autumn/winter collection on their website! I love the summer but still I can't wait to try on and purchase some of the clothes... I wish I could say all of the clothes but ya know... life is tough :D Here are my favorites from the collection. If you want to visit the website and check out the whole collection and the online store click HERE.

Enjoy <3



sayablack said…
I love these collections.
Simple design,but looks so chic!!

Deborah said…
i really love these collection !!
Rachel Lynne said…
Love that blue dress! Thanks for the comment!

I like the last photoes
Anonymous said…
cute blog :)
Annabel said…
Oh yeah, I like this collection!
Fashion By He said…
love the blog

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think