June 8, 2010

Flowers and Fairies

Hey hey hey! I just saw something I really wanted to share... And it's the dress Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing for the Sex and the City 2 premiere in Japan. This creation of Vivian Westwood blew my mind! Sarah looks like a little fairy.... very fashionable of course ;) Gorgeous as always!

What do you guys think?:)



The Man from Amsterdam said...

How was the movie!?

Bunny Ears said...

she looks awesome! I love your blog, will follow! kisses from the netherlands

MarchMusings said...

SJP looks beautiful and the dress rocks!

Kelly said...

O M G !!!!
Amazing dress!!!!
Love it!!!!!

inge luciana said...

very pretty dress.. adore it so much!!

xoxo, ingeluciana.blogspot.com

Stiene Saenen said...

Wow, amazing dress!!


Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Her dress is perfect!!! I would feel like a princess in it =) I also love the other dresses; especially the yellow one.

Leslee said...

wow, it's so dreamy. It would be perfect for a garden party.

lacee said...

i absolutely love this dress! AMAZE!

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