The Wardrobe: DIY shoe decoration

Hey hey :) Time for a quick new post :) A few days ago I got inspired by these Gap wedges:

As on the 30th I am leaving for Italy and I'll spend a whole month there... and I already have tones of shoes ;)) I thought it's not the right time to spend money on... more shoes... although it's a temting idea ;) So I made a decoration for the white wedges already have and it turned out pretty good :) I love the new look I created :) Makes them more girly and romantic:) Here they are:

So what do you guys thing? It wasn't a big deal making them but they look pretty I think :)



delilah said…
what a cute idea! so much more girly now! i don't think i have a pair to DIY though!

and thanks for commenting on my blog!
Pretty...i like them.SarahD
sophiasa said…
Great Idea!!!! I can't wait to try this out! Thanks! :D
That is a great idea, love to see DIY things :)


Style ninfa said…
Thay look gorgeous, I'm gonna try it:p
Follow you, follow me?
.xoxo Angie
Mystery Bruises said…
i am n love!
awesome shoes, woah i love seeing people taking things into their own hands doing these amazing diy jobs! you have done a fantastic job! you should start shop or something, haha your blog is awesome! keep up the good stuff and ill be back for sure!

Tiffany said…
those are cute!
Phuong said…
lovely idea, like it