June 14, 2010

The Wardrobe: Black&Lace

 Hello! Hello! It's Monday again... As you all know I hate Mondays! To brighten up my day I decided to wear something comfortable and pretty that I really really love! Lately it's so hot around! You can't imagine! The temperatures don't fall under 33 degrees! It's SUMMER at last! And I'm leaving for Italy in just two weeks! I'm so excited I can hardly think about the two last exams I need to take... :) I'm gonna spend a month in Perugia so if you have any suggestions for places I need to visit I'm open for ideas :) What else can I say... It was a good day today... I passed my Italian and then I had coffee with my genious cousin and I bought this gorgeous new hat you'll see soon:) Anyways... Here's what I wore today:


H&M shoes and sunglasses, Terranova dress. The lace top and the head band are my own creations!!! I am soooo proud of myself sometimes:) I added the red bag for some color in the outfit:)

How was your Monday?



Fashion By He said...

love the top

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Claudia said...

great outfit!!! :)

Krimly said...

lovely top! lace is cool! :)


libys11 said...

that lace top is incredible!! can't believe you did that!! amazing talent! :D

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Dylana Suarez said...

Obsessed with your blouse. I have a similar one.


LA said...

Love your lace top!


the moonchild said...

love the contrasted layering!

xx rena.


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Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I love your outfit! You look so cute. And I think you need to post a diy on that top! =)
By the way, the detail is hard to see from the picture, but I can tell already that I would love the sweet bow on the back of your shoes =)

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing DIY, darling!
I am especially loving that blouse!


Constance said...

The lace top is lovely!

Ashley said...

I loooooove your white lace tee, you did such a fabulous job on it! And it looks so cute with your white sunglasses! :)


michelle_ said...

i love your sunnies and the lace top there !

MarchMusings said...

How creative of you to make the lace top and headband. They are so pretty

Rachel Lynne said...

Love the lace top! I'm just learning how to sew, maybe I'll give it a go :)

Margaret said...

wow! nice work on the tee :D gorgeous xx

Amy T said...

aw wow you made that top!
i wish i could make clothes! looks great!

pixie said...

My favourite piece of your outfit was the lace top, as it makes the dress looks a thousand times more beautiful. So impressed it's your creation :-) I love it

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