June 23, 2010

Karlie Kloss for Donna Karan

Hey guys! It's Wednesday night and I have and exam tomorrow morning so this is going to be a really quick post! I just saw a preview of the Donna Karan fall campaign and I wanna share it with you. I think it's gorgeous! It's very very stylish and emphasizes on the strong side each woman has. Business - like, feminine, stylish, strong, sexy, bold, glamorous.... simply irresistible... simply a woman!

Model: Karlie Kloss
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier

“We've come a long way. Power dressing now is designed to let the woman inside us come through.”
~ Donna Karran


June 21, 2010

1 Blog = 1 Tree

This post is not going to be about fashion. I just found out about the carbon free initiative and thought that it's lovely so I'm going to share it with you. It all started in Germany with the "Make it Green" programme. The goal of the program is to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide emissons in the atmosphere. So if you add this button to you blog or website they will plan a tree which will reduce the carbon footprint from your blog for the next 50 years!!!

1 Blog = 1 Tree! Every tree metters!

carbon neutral local offers and voucher with kaufDA.de

If you want to join this great initiative just click HERE and follow the instructions!


June 20, 2010

The Wardrobe: All white on

Hello my lovelies! Haven't been posting for a while but that's because I've been reading this amazig book and I just can't stop... anyways...Today I spent a few hours at my favorite place of all... THE MALL of course :) the weather sucked so I was wearing whites to brighten up the gloomy day:) here's my outfit:

To start with the most important thing: I made this dress :) it's really loose cause it's meant to be a beach dress but the belt makes it work for the city as well :) I bought this gorgeous hat from Rome and I can't stop wearing it since, it just seems to go perfectly with almost everything :) Somehow it completes the outfit so perfectly :) The shoes are treasure from a local store and proved to be my very favorite, compatible with everything shoes :) I bought this cute socks some time ago but never wore it so I was really happy today to be able to put them on at last... Oh! and about the vag... I'm not normally wearing such bags but I bought this one at the seaside so I tought.... a beach dress with a beach bag... kind of makes sence :)

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun and glamorous? :)
Have a great week everyone!!!

P.S. I promise to be a better blogger this week :)


June 16, 2010

She's soft like a flower... She's gentle like the wind...

Here's a photo shoot that really inspired me when I saw it! I love how gentle and feminine it looks! The soft materials, the pastels and the light give it a really gentle and lovely look. It's really emphasizing on the soft, gentle and fragile side of every woman... look for it and you will find it deep inside you... Charlotte from "Sex and the City"ones said "every woman just wants to be rescued" .... May be it's true... may be we're just trying to be tough and independent but deep inside we are still waiting for our hero to come... may be...

Cornelia Tat for Harper's Bazaar Romania May 2010


June 14, 2010

The Wardrobe: Black&Lace

 Hello! Hello! It's Monday again... As you all know I hate Mondays! To brighten up my day I decided to wear something comfortable and pretty that I really really love! Lately it's so hot around! You can't imagine! The temperatures don't fall under 33 degrees! It's SUMMER at last! And I'm leaving for Italy in just two weeks! I'm so excited I can hardly think about the two last exams I need to take... :) I'm gonna spend a month in Perugia so if you have any suggestions for places I need to visit I'm open for ideas :) What else can I say... It was a good day today... I passed my Italian and then I had coffee with my genious cousin and I bought this gorgeous new hat you'll see soon:) Anyways... Here's what I wore today:


H&M shoes and sunglasses, Terranova dress. The lace top and the head band are my own creations!!! I am soooo proud of myself sometimes:) I added the red bag for some color in the outfit:)

How was your Monday?


June 10, 2010

Into the Blue

Lately I am posting a lot... :) I guess I am becoming more and more obsessed with fashion:) anyways ... here's another post... Yesterday a Bulgarian singer was a guest in a TV show and she looked really cool. I don't like her in particular but the way she was dressed was really artistic and beautiful. I love the blue top she was wearing. Looks really futuristic and feminine. And the color is gorgeous! in short I think it looks glamarous!!! What do you say? :)

I'll probably post something else tonight... or latest tomorrow... There are just so many things worth sharing!


The Wardrobe: DIY shoe decoration

Hey hey :) Time for a quick new post :) A few days ago I got inspired by these Gap wedges:

As on the 30th I am leaving for Italy and I'll spend a whole month there... and I already have tones of shoes ;)) I thought it's not the right time to spend money on... more shoes... although it's a temting idea ;) So I made a decoration for the white wedges already have and it turned out pretty good :) I love the new look I created :) Makes them more girly and romantic:) Here they are:

So what do you guys thing? It wasn't a big deal making them but they look pretty I think :)


June 9, 2010

Independent Designers project Capasca

Capasca is a Bulgarian clothing label I adore. They have a distinctive artistic and always fashionable but yet recognizable style. Whenever I go into one of their stores I feel bad I cannot afford to buy the whole line ;) A few days ago they released their autumn/winter collection on their website! I love the summer but still I can't wait to try on and purchase some of the clothes... I wish I could say all of the clothes but ya know... life is tough :D Here are my favorites from the collection. If you want to visit the website and check out the whole collection and the online store click HERE.

Enjoy <3


June 8, 2010

Flowers and Fairies

Hey hey hey! I just saw something I really wanted to share... And it's the dress Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing for the Sex and the City 2 premiere in Japan. This creation of Vivian Westwood blew my mind! Sarah looks like a little fairy.... very fashionable of course ;) Gorgeous as always!

What do you guys think?:)



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June 7, 2010

The Wardrobe: Summer Dresses. Mindless days.

It's summer! !!!officially!!! It's warm outside... the sun is shining and the end of university days is just 3 weeks away! :) Afterwards I'm going to spend a whole month in Perugia! Can't wait! I am just wondering how am I going to fit all my lagguage into my suitcase... I'll have to leave some shoes behind... That's kind of saddening, but I'm sure they'll be ok ... :) So yeah... already making a lost of what I am going to take as you can imagine :) Summer! Summer! Summer! I can carelessly go out in cute little dresses without freezing or caring a jacket ! Summer dresses are most effordless clothes I can imagine! No combining! No wondering! You put the dress on and you're ready to go! The only problem I'm having is picking the right pair of shoes... to be more exact the pair I want to wear today... I had a dream about shoes and runways and.... Too much talking again. But thinking of dresses... Here are three of my favorites... Two of them white! White is just so perfect for warm days out... or in... or anywhere really! :) Summer whites, some flowers and the mood is perfect!


White summer dress made by my mom:) I bought the bag from HEMA and the shoes are from a local store and I totally love them! Actually today I made great decoration for them which I'll show you in a later post. The sunglasses are H&M, as well as the hair flowers. I love flowers lately. Oh! and I added the red scarf for some color:) I love color accents in my outfits!!! I bought the big bracelet I'm wearing in the old neighbourhood in Rome :) YEP YEP! I spent three whole days in Rome :) it was GLORIOUS! I guess I gotta upload pictures at some point :) Back to the point... Next dress! White again!

White dress: AMISU, this is the bracelet I bought in Rome and the wedges and bah from the previous outfit. The ring is from Venice :) I love Italy as you can already guess :) This time I added a green scarf! I think this color really suits me. I love the way this dress looks casual and really girly in the same time:)

 And now it's time for a COLOR EXPLOSION!

This is what I was wearing when I went to see The Sex and The City 2!!! :) I was so excited! And I love the movie! Mostly the fashion in it actually! I just started watching the series again from the first season:) the outfit is summer inspired!!!:) I am really into flowers lately as  said ... and you can see! :) This dress was actially my mom's when she was my age... I added the belt and I think it looks perfect! The flowers in my hair and the one on the dress.. and the cardigan are H&M. The clutch is vintage... it was my grandmother's when she was around my age. She gave it to me the last time I went to visit her with another cute bag you'll see in a later post. You can see fashion is in my genes so to say :D:D:D or at least the shopping addiction:)

Which dress do you like most? And what's your favorite summer trend?

Have a great week everyone!


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