The Wardrobe: Flowers and Butterflies

Lately I've been kind of busy with this thing called life :) I spent a few days in Rome and then my best friend had his prom night.... so yeah I have a lot of materiak I'll post bit by bit :) Here you'll see two of my very very favorite outfits. I made these pictures some time ago but never got to the point to post them. They make me feel cute and sunny and... oh! Lately I'm talking only about sun, summer, butterflies, flowers.... get used to it :) I love this weather! I love the warm sunny rays and the pretty flowers... I love to go out wearing light dresses and beautiful open shoes.... I talk too much as always :) Here are the outfits! Soft like summer!

Capasca pants and shirt and H&M shoes and sunglasses :) This shirt has a history actually :) When I was buying the pants I was wearing a dress so I needed a shirt to try them on with. At the moment I put on the shirt I loved it... I was dreaming of it for a week and in the end I gave up to the temptation and bought it :) Doesn't that happen to you too sometime? ;)

Put some flowers in my hair and play my favorite song! I listen all day long!

Paolo Botticelli shoes, Burgano bag, Es jeans, H&M top and glasses, Tally Weil scarf and HEMA hairflower 

Hope you enjoy :) I will post pictures from Rome and from My friend's prom soon :)



amazing look...great style...nice blog
Kasia said…
love your grey pants!