May 31, 2010


Hey guys! There are so many things I want to share with you lately and not enough time to post it all. Anyways! It's Monday... I hate Mondays so I need something to make me happy and remind me it's summer and it's all good:) So! here's the winner today! The most beautiful ad campaign I've seen lately! Her name's Anja Rubik and she's simply gorgeous! Shot by Karl Lagerfeld this campaign gives the feeling of soft summer breeze...

And if this isn't perfection I don't know what is... She looks so sexy, so strong and so independent... Irresistable! What every woman wants to be!

And to put the cherry on the top here are some of my favorites of the spring/summer 2010 collection

So that's a mood change... :) Dreamy mysteries surrounding me... I wanna feel the butterflies wings touching my skin...



Rebecca Lau said...

love the images and choice of collections you have post up

Constance said...

Beautiful images! Anja is amazing!

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