Demi Moore meets the designers! Ain't this exciting? :)

Hey you fashion maniacs :) How about a second post today? I'm being a really active blogger, right? :) So I was enjoying an afternoon coffee and and came across a gorgeous spread! We all know thet Demi Moore is gorgeous... and D&G's summer dresses are simply adorable and irresistible and FENDI shoes.. well they are simply too hot to describe.... McQueen is a genious and we love fairytales! Enough talking! Here's the photo session that made me dream of living in Wondeland...

Kick Up Your Heels
Dress: Oscar de la Renta; Earrings: Dior Fine Jewelry; Bracelet: Chanel Fine Jewelry; Pumps: Christian Louboutin

The Surreal Life

Dress and shoes: Alexander McQueen

Sitting Pretty in Chanel's Girlish Confections

Bolero and dress: Chanel; Sandals: FENDI

Dress: Chanel; Sandals: FENDI

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Belted Dress: Jason Wu; Shoes: FENDI

Lady in Red

Belted Dress and bra: Dior

Pretty at the Poolside

Gown: Carolina Herrera

Every day we write another chapter of our personal feairytale! Enjoy it!



Amy T said…
ooo very cool images! i love the one with the giraffe!
Those are beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing :-)
Fantastic pictures!

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Anonymous said…
Wow so cool and amazing, love this pictures:)
{ I V Y } said…
she looks amazing!
Krislyn said…
demi moore is seriously gorgeous. i need to know her anti-aging secrets!
E said…
This was such an imaginative editorial...
rebecca said…
I love the one with the wendy house!
Ashley said…
How gorgeous are these pictures? And how gorgeous and timeless in Demi Moore? She seriously never ages!!

Love the pic where she's wearing th Fendi heels!
Anonymous said…
cute blog :X
Lady Peach said…
Love the pic with the balloons!!