Candy. Summer. Baby.

 Hello my darlings... I know I don't blog very often but when I do my posts are long ... As this one is going to be :) Some outfits I wore lately that made me feel like summer... made me look candy sweet ... made me happy happy happy :)

Trip to the city to buy some stuff from my favorite art store... Me and my Sister weren''t going to dress up much.... riiiiight :D:D:D The tunic is one of my mom's creations :) and the tights are Amisu :) oh! the shoes are Spanish... my favorite and most comfortable shoes...a few days... nights... ago I was at thi party... I spend the whole night dancing with these shoes and I was feeling completely fine and ready to wear them again on the next day... this is how great they are :)

Trip to the mall with my BabySis :) It was a rainy day but I refuse to wear warm clothes anymore! I am dreaming for warm summer days :) I was a bit freezing... but just a bit :D:D:D H&M top, Golden Lady tights, Short Lolita shorts :)

Last one. My Sisters outfot made up by my clothes hehe :) She's wearing a shirt that I made and a Converse bag. Love the way she accessorized it! Here you go! Some pictures:)

Oh well... not that long actually.... Anyways I'm starting another one right away :)