Artistic Mood

Hey hey hey :) The weekend oficially has began a few hours ago :) so HAPPY END OF THE WEEK :) the following two day are meant for shopping, sewing, reading, nail polishing and.... ya know cool, girly and relaxing stuff like this :) What are you guys planning for the weekend? My plans include some shopping and lots of drawing ... and some new magazines :) niceeeee :) so here's the post I wanna begin the artistic weekend with :)

As I already mentiond my best friend had his prom party last week :) me and my BabySis were wondering what to get him for his graduation and in the end we came up with this cool idea:) Take a look:

So this took us almost a whole night... and lots of coffee :) But it came uot amazing and my friend loved it! Guess who's gift was the most original and lovely :):):) In the end it had a frame as well of course :) What do you guys think? Do you have other ideas for original gifts for any ocasion :) we can exchange ideas :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!



Anonymous said…
Definitely loads of shopping planed for me!
This seems like such a lovely gift :)
simona said…
ooooh so sweet <3