May 31, 2010

Demi Moore meets the designers! Ain't this exciting? :)

Hey you fashion maniacs :) How about a second post today? I'm being a really active blogger, right? :) So I was enjoying an afternoon coffee and and came across a gorgeous spread! We all know thet Demi Moore is gorgeous... and D&G's summer dresses are simply adorable and irresistible and FENDI shoes.. well they are simply too hot to describe.... McQueen is a genious and we love fairytales! Enough talking! Here's the photo session that made me dream of living in Wondeland...

Kick Up Your Heels
Dress: Oscar de la Renta; Earrings: Dior Fine Jewelry; Bracelet: Chanel Fine Jewelry; Pumps: Christian Louboutin

The Surreal Life

Dress and shoes: Alexander McQueen

Sitting Pretty in Chanel's Girlish Confections

Bolero and dress: Chanel; Sandals: FENDI

Dress: Chanel; Sandals: FENDI

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Belted Dress: Jason Wu; Shoes: FENDI

Lady in Red

Belted Dress and bra: Dior

Pretty at the Poolside

Gown: Carolina Herrera

Every day we write another chapter of our personal feairytale! Enjoy it!



Hey guys! There are so many things I want to share with you lately and not enough time to post it all. Anyways! It's Monday... I hate Mondays so I need something to make me happy and remind me it's summer and it's all good:) So! here's the winner today! The most beautiful ad campaign I've seen lately! Her name's Anja Rubik and she's simply gorgeous! Shot by Karl Lagerfeld this campaign gives the feeling of soft summer breeze...

And if this isn't perfection I don't know what is... She looks so sexy, so strong and so independent... Irresistable! What every woman wants to be!

And to put the cherry on the top here are some of my favorites of the spring/summer 2010 collection

So that's a mood change... :) Dreamy mysteries surrounding me... I wanna feel the butterflies wings touching my skin...


May 28, 2010

Artistic Mood

Hey hey hey :) The weekend oficially has began a few hours ago :) so HAPPY END OF THE WEEK :) the following two day are meant for shopping, sewing, reading, nail polishing and.... ya know cool, girly and relaxing stuff like this :) What are you guys planning for the weekend? My plans include some shopping and lots of drawing ... and some new magazines :) niceeeee :) so here's the post I wanna begin the artistic weekend with :)

As I already mentiond my best friend had his prom party last week :) me and my BabySis were wondering what to get him for his graduation and in the end we came up with this cool idea:) Take a look:

So this took us almost a whole night... and lots of coffee :) But it came uot amazing and my friend loved it! Guess who's gift was the most original and lovely :):):) In the end it had a frame as well of course :) What do you guys think? Do you have other ideas for original gifts for any ocasion :) we can exchange ideas :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


May 27, 2010

The Wardrobe: Flowers and Butterflies

Lately I've been kind of busy with this thing called life :) I spent a few days in Rome and then my best friend had his prom night.... so yeah I have a lot of materiak I'll post bit by bit :) Here you'll see two of my very very favorite outfits. I made these pictures some time ago but never got to the point to post them. They make me feel cute and sunny and... oh! Lately I'm talking only about sun, summer, butterflies, flowers.... get used to it :) I love this weather! I love the warm sunny rays and the pretty flowers... I love to go out wearing light dresses and beautiful open shoes.... I talk too much as always :) Here are the outfits! Soft like summer!

Capasca pants and shirt and H&M shoes and sunglasses :) This shirt has a history actually :) When I was buying the pants I was wearing a dress so I needed a shirt to try them on with. At the moment I put on the shirt I loved it... I was dreaming of it for a week and in the end I gave up to the temptation and bought it :) Doesn't that happen to you too sometime? ;)

Put some flowers in my hair and play my favorite song! I listen all day long!

Paolo Botticelli shoes, Burgano bag, Es jeans, H&M top and glasses, Tally Weil scarf and HEMA hairflower 

Hope you enjoy :) I will post pictures from Rome and from My friend's prom soon :)


Candy. Summer. Baby.

 Hello my darlings... I know I don't blog very often but when I do my posts are long ... As this one is going to be :) Some outfits I wore lately that made me feel like summer... made me look candy sweet ... made me happy happy happy :)

Trip to the city to buy some stuff from my favorite art store... Me and my Sister weren''t going to dress up much.... riiiiight :D:D:D The tunic is one of my mom's creations :) and the tights are Amisu :) oh! the shoes are Spanish... my favorite and most comfortable shoes...a few days... nights... ago I was at thi party... I spend the whole night dancing with these shoes and I was feeling completely fine and ready to wear them again on the next day... this is how great they are :)

Trip to the mall with my BabySis :) It was a rainy day but I refuse to wear warm clothes anymore! I am dreaming for warm summer days :) I was a bit freezing... but just a bit :D:D:D H&M top, Golden Lady tights, Short Lolita shorts :)

Last one. My Sisters outfot made up by my clothes hehe :) She's wearing a shirt that I made and a Converse bag. Love the way she accessorized it! Here you go! Some pictures:)

Oh well... not that long actually.... Anyways I'm starting another one right away :)


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