Wardrobe Problem!

I have a huge wardrobe problem... i have too many clothes... no! not true! A girl can never have too many clothes... It is just that my wardrobe is too small.... and i do not have anymore space at home for another one. So may be... just may be I should throw away some of the clothes I don't wear anymore. I cannot do that. I feel so bad even thinking about it. I might not wear it right now but may be I will...tomorrow... or not? Ptobably not. Still I just love my clothes too much to give them up just because I don't have enough space. Plus I am not wearing many of them because I just cannot find them in my "well-organized" closet. And then again... I can not bring other there because order takes space... May be I will just move my clothes to my room and sleep in the wardrobe or something... :D