The Wardrobe: Take me to the jungle! I wanna see a tiger!

I had so much to do today... I had to meet my boss at lunch and then have coffee with a friend and prepare a presentation when I get home... Sometimes I think Tuesday is just a Monday in disguise... Anyways... When I got home I decided to rearrange my wardrobe which took me about 5 hours and I am still not quite happy with the result... So now I'm so tired I cannot make myself start working on my presentation about Alexander McQueen... Instead I'm watching TV and drinking wine :) Here's the outfit I wore today... I really love this one :)

Lately I'm in a jungle mood as you can see :) H&M wedges, Tally Weil scraf, Terranova pants, Clock House jacket :)

Hope you guys like it :) And don't forget to follow :)



Victoire said…
i love your pants! I've been trying to find some like that :)

Marcella said…
Love the khaki tones of this outfit!
evita nuh said…
great pants and scarf! that is one cool look!
My floor is red said…
Love the printed leo scarf!
Nicole Jarecz said…
that scarf looks great - i love how its leopard print! :)