April 17, 2010

Sewing attempts

Guess what! I made my self a shirt....! YEP! Started from the pages of a magazine and made it to the point where I can actually wear it! So exciting! And of course it is my new addiction now! DIY fashion! no matter is it clothes or accessories! Actually I am working on a piece right now but I will keep the secret until it is complete and I can show it off :) Back to the shirt! It is kind of safari cowboy-ish style... What a surprise huh :D It took me some time... and some effords but it is a great feeling to know you made what you are wearing... and the process is relaxing... at least for me :) plus I am not spending so much time in internet which is good :) Anyways... I am uploading some pictures with my new shirt and going back to work :) You can share some opinions... or not... whatever you like :)

ok... may be I took a bit to many pictures.. :D well I was so happy to wear the shirt... and so proud of it I coulnd't stop... plus I loveeeeee photo shoots :) as you can see the bag is Converse and I am crazy about accessories lately :) as I already mentioned in an earlier post my mom made the jacket... well... that's pretty much it... soooo going back to the piece I am working on :) Have a nice rest of the weekend :)



She's Dressing Up said...

Fantastic shirt!

t said...

Good job! It looks good.


AttemptingStyle said...

oh wow, you did great. i mafe a terrible skirt once, thats about how far it went.

Margaret said...

nice work!
love your bracelets too
loving the blog!
great posts
stop by some time xx

Nathalie said...

Wow, this shirt turned out wonderfully. Congrats on this achievement :)

Susann said...

Great work! I also like your earrings :)

N.P. said...

heei, i really loved your blog, its amazing, i'm follwing you yet, if you wish take a look at mine...


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