Beauty: New HairStyle

Late night posting became my specialty these days... or these nights :) On sunday morning I went to get new hairstyle 'cause I got kind of bored oof the old one.... and when my stylist asked me what do I want I was like... well... I want something new but I really like this one.... You know... And he does know! He always does something great with my hair... it's like he knows what I want before even I know it... Here's my new hairstyle and the outfit I wore for my lectures today:)

So what do you guys think bout's my new hair? love it or hate it? :)



Nathalie said…
Your hair looks really great. I agree, your stylist knows his profession :)
And lovely tunic
sayablack said…
Beautiful hair!
I gonna go hair salon next week.
I'm straight long hair and thick bangs...I wanna change!!
Please check out my hair style and arrange.
Victoria said…
I like your new hair.. :) Love the color..
BTW Saturday night was really great.. my inspiration is back again.. Thanks for your support in a tough minute.. :)

Have a nice day!
Danielle Barbe said…
love it! looks perfect on you.