Hey hey :)
Lately I've been obsessing about this webside I found called LOOKLET . It is something like polyvore but you have some models and backgrounds to pick from and a huge wardrobe... in the end it all looks like a real photo session so if you want to show a style you like and you don't have the exact clothes you can use it. Or you can just play when you want to relax (just like me the whole evening), Here are some looks I absentmindedly created:

Urban Jungle

Take Me Home

You Can Call Me Candy


Library Girl

So you get the idea :) Check it out if you like :)



delilah said…
thanks for commenting and following my blog! i like the outfits you put together here! i might go check looklet out too!
Deborah said…
I love looklet and i like your looks
Lori said…
i have an account on looklet but have never used it, im afraid it'll be too addicting ;)
Fiamma said…
hehe it is pretty addicting yeah :)
RoseBarbie said…
Hey, those looks you put together are great...I am following you now, follow me too?? :)