April 8, 2010

Miss Bond

I had to meet my boss today so had to look very bussines-like. I think I pulled it of pretty good. And it all went great with Albena (my boss)... afterwards I attended two classes :D and skipped other two to see a movie... Soulkithchen... weird German movie... I liked it though... it was.. alternative... :) Anyways.... too much irrelative info again :)
About the outfit: MNG pants (I love them! I love high-waist pants and skirts... so very stylish);  Tally Weill headband; Harper's Bazaar necklace; Six watch (some of the paint came off and I was going to fix it with some nail polish... but then I realised I actually love the vintage look it has now); my mother made the shirt... so it's one of a kind :) and it was made like a year ago... long before this kind of sleeves were introduced :)


AttemptingStyle said...

the bell sleeves are great, such a subtle statement.

CMA said...

gorgeous, love this
you have an awesome blog
keep it going! its great source of inspiration
thanks for sharing as always darling!


Fiamma said...

thanks girls :*

Krimly said...

your head-band is so cute!! I love those things!! ;P


kendal croix said...

the coolest pants.

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