Looking for a sun beam... This weather makes me scream!

I am sick and tired of the gloomy weather! I am sick and tired of listening to the rain outside! Today, I wanna put my shades on! Today, I'm calling out the sun!

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

 The days Have been really gloomy and rainy lately... But I am DONE! I just refuse to wear warm jackets, sweaters, winter boots ..... you get the idea! So I am now provoking the sun to come up... :)

I am proud to say that I personally designed and made the top in Outfit one...And that although I was freezing I really spend the day wearing it :D

Today I wore outfit 2... for my traditional saturday shopping trip... And YES! it was raining and cold today as well! Thank god for the malls :D:D:D The shorts (which I adore because of the high-waste as you can imagine) are Short Lolita, Zara tee, Golden Lady tights and H&M ballet shoes :) the lovely earing I am wearing are my creation ;)

So today I send half of the day drinking coffee and dressing up and the other half checking out my favorite stores at the mall :) I got two new scarfs from Tally Weill Which I am sure you will see soon in outfit posts:) OH YEAH! the highlight of the day was eating real Italian GELATO (ice cream... I just love the italian word for it) !!! mmmm yammy :)

How did you guys spend your saturday?