Grand Opening

Last night I was one of the lucky ones who had VIP invitations for the grand opening of the newest mall in Sofia. I wasso excited about it... instead of preparing for an exam I was wandering what to wear the whole day. In the end I decided to wear this absolutely gorgeous H&M dress! Actually this is the first time I am wearing it... unfortunately I don't get invited to such cocktails very often... but I hope this will change :) Anyways... the opening was spectacular... but as always there was so muchthat could be done better... at least in my opinion. The whole ceremony started with the cutting of the ribbon... it was called outside so that was fast... afterwards the people who had invitations (including me hehe) went into the shopping center... there was a cocktail and all the cafes and bars were working for free so that was pretty cool :) the stores were open but we couldn't buy anything... and that sucked... so there's an improvement that can be made next time ;) Also there was a concert ... Deep Zone Project (very successful Bulgarian band) and afterwards Morandi:) The great part of the concert was that the stage was situated on the parking lot (it was raining outside) but the VIPs could watch it from the inside through the glass walls on the third floor of the mall or on a huge video wall.... In short I felt very very important hanging with all those people in suits, wearing my gorgeous dress and drinking champagne while all the stores were open exclusively for us:) Glorious feeling indeed... I hope soon I will attend another cocktail like this :) Here are some pictures to show off my outfit :)




Dylana Suarez said…
You look awesome in that dress!

Just came across your blog! It is lovely!
the gorgeous said…
nice dress! love the color!
Madiha said…
You look lovely! love this post.
Just started blogging recently, check out my blog and follow if you like.

I am really interested to make shopping from this mall and almost every brand has been available in this mall. That is the only reason it has been my favorite place to make shopping.
Lipozene said…
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