City Safari

Hey guys :) I can see a new trend emerging in my everyday clothing... I simply love the safari look! And it is appropriate... the big city is a jungle of its own isn't it?! We have the beasts and the victims.... And only the strongest survive... or get to the top... may be big-city-people are a bit mean but how can one not be if it is the only way to stand out of the crowd, to be noticed... to catch your dreams? One would say "if you have a talent and you realy want something there is no way to not achieve it"... Do you believe it? I mean REALLY? Is talent enough? Is a vision for style enough? There are so many people that have amazing talants... Inspiring ideas and creative vision... Are they all famous... Do they all do what they dream of.... I do not think so... SO! Ladies (and gentlemen of course) dress up in your latest outfits and lets go hunt our dreams!

Monday Morning! I don't do Mondays and I don't do Mornings! So this is the worst combination ever! I need at least two huge coffee cups to wake up and I have the longest class ever! 5 astronimical hours! Anyways.... Monday is a good day to start hunting a dream... So I dressed up for dream hunting! :)  I cannot really talk much about the outfit... I have the shirt for ages... it is actually my mom's but I borrowed it :) The boots and the belt are treasures I found in little stores in the city center. They are not brandy at all but I love them! The necklace and the earings are made from elephantine ivory... So in the end... not a brandy outfit but still love the look :) SAFARI! SAFARI! SAFARI!

OK! As you can see I made more pictures with this outfit... I like it more ... Obviously :) The pants and the Top are Terranova! I do not really like the brand but sometimes I find little trasures like these two :) My mom made the jacket... The shoes aren't brandy but I love the color and the model :) The necklace is Pilgrim and the earings are Agata (Bulgarian Brand I used to love... not so much anymore) On the last picture I'm reading my very favorite magazine! Harper's Bazaar!!! Going to hunt again! This time for some new accessories...

The '90s are really the "Sex and the City" woman, and I think, right now, the new contemporary woman is the "Lipstick Jungle" woman.
 ~Candace Bushnell



Devon said…
The belt in your first outfit is fabulous! I need something like that in my closet x
Amy T said…
The second outfit is lovely, those trousers are such a great colour.
and i cant beleive you mum made that jacket its so gorgeous! i wish i could sew well enough!
Fiamma said…
Thanks girls :*
@ Amy T: Sewing is not that hard :) I am learning right now ... already made my first shirt :) gonna show it off later hehe :)
Ilenia F. said…
ehi.... what a style...
very cool girl!!!!!! ;)

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