Boxed Feelings

I hate this tomorrow-is-monday feeling! I just don't wanna face monday morning... I always fight the morning light on mondays... and I always loose the fight... But lets look on the bright side... A new week is starting! New beginnings are always a good thing! May be I should start setting a goal of the week every sunday evening... For example this week I am going to give up everything sweet.... Here! I said it! A tough one indeed as I am chocolate addict! ... But after a weekend full of ice cream, pop corn, chocolates and pancakes I suppose a sweetless week is a good idea....

Anywayssssss... I wanted to show you something completely different but got stuck in monday thoughts.... This is a project I had to make for my university... I was supposed to express my hidden self in a box... or a frame... so here are my boxed feelings...

To explain.... The wooden box was bought ready and then I painted the drawers with acrilic paint... Every drawer is a different feeling or emotion typical for me and the color, the quote written on the front and the thing inside are expressing this feeling... as you can see I am very very emotional person... a bit over the top I'd say :) On the sides of the box there are little pictures of all the things I love most... If you have any questions feel free to ask... and to share your opinions of course :)

I'd be glad if your share your goals for next week if you set some :) I really love all your lovely comments and I am going to answer all of them! that's a promise :)

Have a fabulous monday!



Rebecca Lau said…
aww these boxes are so cute!!

fhen said…
these boxes are uber cute
i want one!

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RoseBarbie said… cute :)
Sarah said…
These little boxes are so sweet! perfect for jewelry! Hope your Monday wasn't too bad! xx
Ire A said…
I hate mondays too! And cute boxes! :)