Sunday at the MALL

Already making up for holding back on you for so long... Posting one thing after another... :) Sunday.... Don't you just love and hate Sundays in the same time... On one hand we have this lazy and relaxed feeling.... and on the other hand.... there's the tomorrow-I-gotta-go-to-work/school feeling that ruins the Sunday magic... I spend this Sunday at the biggest mall in Bulgaria with my mother... so tiring and in the same time so fulfilling... well... in the end of it all all I bought was a book about fashion illustration but still... spending a day at the mall is the best way for a girl to relax isn't it? :) With my clothes I was going for something casual but stylish, lady like but comfortable... here's what I came up with... and here's me doing what I am best at... shopping! :)

We just got in and I am so excited... just do not have the patience to take pictures... sorry guys but there were 200 stores waiting for me to explore them... and a fashion show going on the whole time... I know! I know! Sounds like paradise :)

SHOES! So many shoes! So many shoe stores... I am a shoes addict... I admit it... and I am proud of it... I have my personal collection but a girl can never have too many shoes... After all a pair of shoes can change the whole look of an outfit... and not on the last place... a pair of shoes can make a girl happy :) My guilty pleasure.... mmmm... I was moving so fast between the line that this is the only picture my mom managed to take :)

"Come on mom... Hurry up! lets move on to the next store... there are so many new brands to explore... so many clothes to try on.... so many shoes to fall in love with... "

My new coffee cup... haha ;) Actually it was a flower pot I loved but it shows how much coffee I really need to wake up early in the morning and post this at 1:30 a.m.... and I actually have to wake up again in 5 hours... so sad... Starbucks will help again :)
 I was Actually getting dressed after I tried something on... well... no privacy when mom has the camera :) I like the picture though... :) and the dressed I tried on... If I keep thinking about it may be I will buy it and you will see it later on :)

So tired... we couldn't even check out all the stores... well next Sunday is a few days away ;) and the mall is a great place to spent a Sunday ... not just a Sunday if u ask me but I am a shopaholic ... :)

This turned up as a photo diary... nice :) and btw I promise I do not wear this scarf all the time... I just loved the way I looked with it on Saturday so I thought... well why not... I do not get to it often :) as you can see I am wearing my current favorite leopard bracelets :) The shirt Batty Baleno and the ballet shoes are H&M... You cannot really see but they are not high hills... can you imagine! I am wearing flats! This is a rare phenomenon ;) And I got the safari look again! Told you I love it! :)



Sonia said…
Haha I am a shopaholic too! Lovely scarf :)