2 in 1

Hello my lovely, glamorous, gorgeous readers :) Last night I promissed to make up for the lack of an outfit post... So today you get to see two different outfits in one post :) It's gonna be a quick one 'cause I need to go get some sleep as tomorrow I'll be shopping with my best friend for a suit for his prom! EXCITING! :) Plus tomorrow evening I'm envited to this big party... 'But I'm not sure yet am I going... somehow I don't really feel like it.. but we shall see :) Back to the outfits... Here's what I wore yesterdat... not so glam bt I overslept and had to get ready for classes really quickly... anyways I think it looks cute :) I'll be glad to know your opinions :) Here are the pics:

Almost everything is H&M in this outfit - the dress, the top and the jacket :) the shoes are Deichmann. And by the way... I'm looking out the window on almost every picture just because I was waiting for my taxi to come pick me up :)

Now I'm going to show you what I wore today... I had this really really important presentation today... and it went great! I got the highest grade and I don't have to take an exam! So happy! Here's one of my favorite dresses... Very Blair Waldorf I think:) oh... And the dress and the shoes are H&M :)

If you guys have any questions... comments or whatever .... I'll be glad to answer :) you can also contact me on my e-mail: plamena_zahova@abv.bg :)

Hope you all have a great friday :)



E said…
Oh that white dress is so pretty!
Dylana Suarez said…
Cute dress!

Anonymous said…
Cute shoes!

Morning Cloak said…
It is kinda Blair Waldorf huh? I need to get caught up on this season!

Great blog xx
sophiasa said…
Oh i love that jacket! And the dress is soo pretty=)
Marcella said…
Very cute outfits! The first is my fav :)