April 30, 2010

2 in 1

Hello my lovely, glamorous, gorgeous readers :) Last night I promissed to make up for the lack of an outfit post... So today you get to see two different outfits in one post :) It's gonna be a quick one 'cause I need to go get some sleep as tomorrow I'll be shopping with my best friend for a suit for his prom! EXCITING! :) Plus tomorrow evening I'm envited to this big party... 'But I'm not sure yet am I going... somehow I don't really feel like it.. but we shall see :) Back to the outfits... Here's what I wore yesterdat... not so glam bt I overslept and had to get ready for classes really quickly... anyways I think it looks cute :) I'll be glad to know your opinions :) Here are the pics:

Almost everything is H&M in this outfit - the dress, the top and the jacket :) the shoes are Deichmann. And by the way... I'm looking out the window on almost every picture just because I was waiting for my taxi to come pick me up :)

Now I'm going to show you what I wore today... I had this really really important presentation today... and it went great! I got the highest grade and I don't have to take an exam! So happy! Here's one of my favorite dresses... Very Blair Waldorf I think:) oh... And the dress and the shoes are H&M :)

If you guys have any questions... comments or whatever .... I'll be glad to answer :) you can also contact me on my e-mail: plamena_zahova@abv.bg :)

Hope you all have a great friday :)


April 29, 2010

I need to have these shoes! I can hear them calling to me!

Christian Louboutin's fall/winter collection will keep me dreaming with open eyes for long long time! It's called "Contes D'Hiver" (Winter Tales) and the look book truly looks fairy and breaks all the borders, frames, and greyness... As the Mad Hatter would say... It posseses MUCHNESS...!

It would be like a fairytale to have them all wouldn't it? :) I think I can guess the tales that inspired each picure and my favorite one is the 4th from bottom to top which looks like it's taken from one of my favorite books - Alice in Wonderland. What do you guys think of this new and interesting way of presenting shoes (I think it can be well apllied to accessories as well)?

P.S. Just because this look book is so gorgeous I won't make an outfit post tonight.... I'll make it up tomorrow I guess :)

Going to bed.... Going to my Wonderland...


April 27, 2010

The Wardrobe: Take me to the jungle! I wanna see a tiger!

I had so much to do today... I had to meet my boss at lunch and then have coffee with a friend and prepare a presentation when I get home... Sometimes I think Tuesday is just a Monday in disguise... Anyways... When I got home I decided to rearrange my wardrobe which took me about 5 hours and I am still not quite happy with the result... So now I'm so tired I cannot make myself start working on my presentation about Alexander McQueen... Instead I'm watching TV and drinking wine :) Here's the outfit I wore today... I really love this one :)

Lately I'm in a jungle mood as you can see :) H&M wedges, Tally Weil scraf, Terranova pants, Clock House jacket :)

Hope you guys like it :) And don't forget to follow :)


April 26, 2010

Beauty: New HairStyle

Late night posting became my specialty these days... or these nights :) On sunday morning I went to get new hairstyle 'cause I got kind of bored oof the old one.... and when my stylist asked me what do I want I was like... well... I want something new but I really like this one.... You know... And he does know! He always does something great with my hair... it's like he knows what I want before even I know it... Here's my new hairstyle and the outfit I wore for my lectures today:)

So what do you guys think bout's my new hair? love it or hate it? :)


April 25, 2010

Boxed Feelings

I hate this tomorrow-is-monday feeling! I just don't wanna face monday morning... I always fight the morning light on mondays... and I always loose the fight... But lets look on the bright side... A new week is starting! New beginnings are always a good thing! May be I should start setting a goal of the week every sunday evening... For example this week I am going to give up everything sweet.... Here! I said it! A tough one indeed as I am chocolate addict! ... But after a weekend full of ice cream, pop corn, chocolates and pancakes I suppose a sweetless week is a good idea....

Anywayssssss... I wanted to show you something completely different but got stuck in monday thoughts.... This is a project I had to make for my university... I was supposed to express my hidden self in a box... or a frame... so here are my boxed feelings...

To explain.... The wooden box was bought ready and then I painted the drawers with acrilic paint... Every drawer is a different feeling or emotion typical for me and the color, the quote written on the front and the thing inside are expressing this feeling... as you can see I am very very emotional person... a bit over the top I'd say :) On the sides of the box there are little pictures of all the things I love most... If you have any questions feel free to ask... and to share your opinions of course :)

I'd be glad if your share your goals for next week if you set some :) I really love all your lovely comments and I am going to answer all of them! that's a promise :)

Have a fabulous monday!


April 24, 2010

Parker Power

Hey guys :) second post in a few hours... not bad huh ? :P It's past 1 am here and I am going through some fashion sites and magazines and found this gourgeous spread with the amazing Sarah Jessica Parker!!! It's a session for the Amarican Vogue... and it is just... BREATHTAKING! So classy and sophisticated! Here are the pictures and if you wanna read the article you can do it here.


Retro Glamour

Angles of Repose

The Italian Job

Grand Finale


Which one is your favorite?:)


Looking for a sun beam... This weather makes me scream!

I am sick and tired of the gloomy weather! I am sick and tired of listening to the rain outside! Today, I wanna put my shades on! Today, I'm calling out the sun!

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

 The days Have been really gloomy and rainy lately... But I am DONE! I just refuse to wear warm jackets, sweaters, winter boots ..... you get the idea! So I am now provoking the sun to come up... :)

I am proud to say that I personally designed and made the top in Outfit one...And that although I was freezing I really spend the day wearing it :D

Today I wore outfit 2... for my traditional saturday shopping trip... And YES! it was raining and cold today as well! Thank god for the malls :D:D:D The shorts (which I adore because of the high-waste as you can imagine) are Short Lolita, Zara tee, Golden Lady tights and H&M ballet shoes :) the lovely earing I am wearing are my creation ;)

So today I send half of the day drinking coffee and dressing up and the other half checking out my favorite stores at the mall :) I got two new scarfs from Tally Weill Which I am sure you will see soon in outfit posts:) OH YEAH! the highlight of the day was eating real Italian GELATO (ice cream... I just love the italian word for it) !!! mmmm yammy :)

How did you guys spend your saturday?


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