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Minimum Order Quantities In The Fashion Industry – An Insight

Whether you’re just starting out, launching a brand-new product line or are already a long-established designer, MOQs (minimum order quantities) are a feature of life for suppliers and fashion designers. This is because production factories have to ensure that every job which they agree to take on has sufficient scale to allow them to make a profit. Why Do Production Factories Have An MOQ Requirement? Different factories all have different minimum order quantities, and while one may offer a minimum of just 50 units, another may have set their MOQ requirement in the 1000s. However, the higher the number of units you adhere to, you’ll usually find your price will be lower. The Main Reasons For MOQs There are two primary reasons why factories have MOQs: ·Factories have their own order minimums when purchasing fabrics, trims and other items from suppliers. ·Factories have to stop working on other orders so they can complete your order. This means they need to create and grade your patterns, ch…

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